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You may be assured that you're working with the best accountants in the industry. We take Pride in altering our customers for the better, assisting them in their growth, and making them more resilient to the pressures of constant change in the workplace.

To be known across the country as the go-to tax and accounting firm for delivering comprehensive financial and professional services to people and businesses alike, while also offering a working environment where employees can advance and flourish in the field.
To deliver outstanding financial and professional services while adhering to the highest standards of ethics and expertise. To meet our clients' current and future demands, as well as to assist them in achieving long-term success. As professionals and individuals, we must respect our workers and those we serve. To build trust and loyalty among the firm's employees, partners, and clients. To foster a dynamic, open workplace that promotes creative thinking, innovative ideas, and challenges employees to achieve their full potential.
Integrity: Always acting in a fair and ethical manner with our clients and colleagues, earning trust via our actions.

Knowledge: The importance we place on our ability to produce leaders and the necessity to constantly expand our combined technical skills in order to satisfy the demands of increasingly sophisticated clients.

Service: It includes the concepts of quality in everything we do, having a service-minded attitude when interacting with clients, and expecting a lot of ourselves.

Leadership: Leadership both within the firm in terms of training our next generation of leaders and across our market segment in terms of being acknowledged as the leading authority in the area by current and future clients.

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I visited AI Tax for the first time last year and I was very impressed. They did my taxes and were very thorough with it. I’ve been to a few tax firms in the past but none of them match the effort and services provided by AI Tax. I’ll definitely be coming back here!

Burhan Bedawala

AI Tax Consultants is definitely the place to go do your taxes. I recommend them to everyone! I’ve been doing my taxes here for the past three years and I’ve never had a bad experience with them. They’re always professional, quick and accurate and their prices are very fair. They also offer door to door service and that has come in very handy for me!

Anosha Qureshi

I stumbled upon AI Tax Consultants when I was looking for a new tax firm because of errors made by the previous one I went to. I’m glad I found them because I haven’t been to another firm since. AI Tax Consultant was very helpful and responsive. I had everything explained to me thoroughly and the process didn’t take long at all. There were no errors in my return, and I saved more money as well. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!

Muhammad Maaz Qureshi